Sagemoor Group

AVA: Columbia Valley/Wahluke Slope
: Kent Waliser

The Sagemoor Group is comprised of some of the Columbia Valley’s oldest and most prestigious vineyards, including Bacchus, Dionysus, Sagemoor and Weinbau. The vineyards’ original owners were leaders in Washington viticulture who made the bold decision to plant wine grapes as early as 1972 when Washington wine was in its infancy. Thanks in large measure to long-standing relationships with the growers, Long Shadows is the lucky recipient of many of these old vine grapes. The fruit is prized for its intense aromatics and concentrated flavors.Bacchus (planted 1972), Dionysus (1973) and Sagemoor (1972) are 10 miles northwest of Pasco, adjacent to the Columbia River. Though all three sites are in close proximity to one another, ancient floods deposited a variety of soil types here. As a result, soils vary greatly from block to block, creating a wide-range of flavor profiles. Weinbau (planted 1981) is an hour’s drive upriver from the other three sites. Located on the Wahluke Slope, it is one of warmest regions in the state, known primarily for red grape varieties, especially Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
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