What's In a Name?

What’s in a Name? Long Shadows Wines Explained

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare takes credit for this famous line from Romeo and Juliet as Juliet pushes the personal point that a name is “just a name” and in her estimation void of meaning and consequence. Yet as people with roots, families, friends, and histories, we recognize that names do have meaning. They are chosen to reflect a person, a place, a company, or in this case, a wine. They give others insight into what lies behind the vision, hope and expectations of those choosing the name.

That said, the wine names of Long Shadows are steeped in rich meaning. Even the name Long Shadows itself reflects how we’ve leaned on the long shadows of gifted wine pioneers that have come before us. Join us for a deep dive into the vision, heart, and intended meaning behind the names of our favorite red wines.

Pedestal (link: Long Shadows | 2018 Pedestal) It seems fitting that the creative inspiration for Pedestal’s memorable label comes from a painting hanging in head winemaker Gilles Nicault’s office, an engaging vision of a gold Greek-like goddess head provides the pedestal for an overflowing basket of gilded grapes. Pedestal is consistently a strong concentrated wine with plenty of power and finesse, demanding a strong foundation, a pedestal if you will. Pomerol’s Michel Rolland is by every standard one of the most influential winemakers in the world and a master of Merlot. It’s his vision and experience that guides Pedestal every year, setting the standard, providing the pedestal, of what the magic of Merlot should be vintage in and vintage out.

Sequel (link: Long Shadows | 2018 Sequel) Complex, expressive and built on 100% Syrah, Sequel is crafted by winemaker John Duval. After enjoying a well-established, almost 30-year career making wine in Australia with Penfold’s prestigious Grange, the icon of Australian Shiraz, Long Shadows founder Allen Shoup invited Duval to Washington to explore the nuances of Columbia Valley Syrah. A new winemaking partnership was born, and the name Sequel was chosen to recognize and celebrate Duval’s next chapter in his life’s work with Syrah. The wine’s label is a creative nod to the two continents, with the equator swooping through as the dividing line and the North Star perched at the top while the famed Southern Cross constellation is staged underneath – signifying the different views from America and Australia.

Chester Kidder (link: Long Shadows | 2018 Chester-Kidder) As a family-owned and family-run winery, it is no surprise that we would honor our roots with our wine. Named after founder Allen Shoup’s mother, Elizabeth Chester, and his grandmother, Maggie Kidder, the Chester-Kidder red blend was the first Long Shadows wine made and significantly is a wine well-rooted in family. Our director of winemaking and viticulture, Gilles Nicault, creates this extraordinary New World blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Petit Verdot.

Feather (link: Long Shadows | 2018 Feather) It’s fitting that winemaker Randy Dunn collects feathers and also happens to be a private pilot. His personal interests point towards the sky and the freedom and exhilaration that go hand in hand with flight. Couple this avionic passion with a stellar 40-year winemaking career laser-focused on world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and you have Feather, a soaring ambassador for incredibly age-worthy Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon.

Saggi (link: Long Shadows | 2018 Saggi) With a golden owl etched on the label personifying wisdom, “Saggi” ("wise" in Italian) is a gutsy blend that celebrates the wisdom, knowledge and ongoing expertise of Old World Italian winemaking tradition and skill. Inspired and influenced by one of Tuscany’s most celebrated father-son winemaking teams, Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari, Saggi is a Super-Tuscan styled wine founded on the powerful trifecta of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Pirouette (link: Long Shadows | 2018 Pirouette) French for “whirl about” as in the grace of a ballet dancer quickly rotating on a single toe or a horse performing the complicated, but elegant turn known as the pirouette in a dressage sequence. Elegance, balance, and confidence are hallmarks of the pirouette whether in human, equine or wine manifestations. The same is true with famed winemaker Philippe Melka’s refined and balanced Bordeaux-inspired blend, Pirouette, a brilliant reflection of Washington State’s finest fruit.

Julia’s Dazzle (link: Long Shadows | 2021 Julia's Dazzle) While not technically red, but a gorgeous rosé made from Pinot Gris. Julia’s Dazzle is named after Allen’s granddaughter, Julia, a beautifully fitting name for this fresh, peppy summer sipper. This limited release is also made by head winemaker Gilles whose experience making rosé in the iconic rosé region of Provence is evidence by the bright aromas, silky textures, and lively acidity.

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