2019 Poets Leap DRY Riesling

2022 2022 Poet's Leap Dry Riesling

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Tasting Notes:


A refined take on the Riesling varietal which showcases the complexity and versatility of this noble grape. Unlike our traditional off-dry style, the 2022 Poet’s Leap Dry Riesling is 100% barrel-fermented to dryness in an oval 360-gallon French oak cask. The use of a neutral wood tank helped heighten aromatics and develop a multi-layered texture. After fermentation, the wine remained on lees for four months to further develop flavors and complexity before bottling. Jasmine and slate aromatics with hints of guava extend the wine’s citrus and stone fruit flavors. Bright acidity provides a racy mouthfeel and contributes pleasant minerality to a long-lasting finish.

Composition 100% Riesling
Residual Sugar 0.13 g / 100ml
Acid 0.79 g / 100ml
PH 2.97
Alcohol 13.6%


The 2022 Poet’s Leap Dry Riesling came from two different sites. Mostly sourced from the Gamache Vineyard on the east side of the Columbia River, it provided the wine with a racy character and tropical fruit flavors like guava and passion fruit. The remaining fruit was grown at the DuBrul Vineyard located in the Yakima Valley and added the lively acidity and long finish.

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